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Wedding Clothes for Men

Whether you are about to say "yes, I do" or if you are a guest, get ready for the rain of photos with our selection of wedding suits for men in our store in Calle Cruz 8, Ciudad Real, Castilla-La Mancha.

From suits in bold designs and unique shades to stylish and versatile men's wedding shoes, we've got everything you need to nail the bridal dress code.

Wear a men's three-piece wedding suit, bet on Enzo Romano's eye-catching looks and head over to our Nico store to discover slim fit suits that go well with fine ties. Whatever your role on the big day, earn the title of "best dressed" with our unforgettable men's wedding ensembles.

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Children's clothing for ceremony

If you receive an invitation to a wedding and you have doubts about the looks, at Nico we offer you a complete collection of designs in a wide variety of silhouettes and colors so that, whatever style you are looking for, you have different options from which to choose.

Youthful, formal styles, for children of earnest, etc. Discover our entire catalog in our store in Ciudad Real so that your choice becomes a success.

Youth Fashion for Weddings

If you are going to attend a baptism, communion, wedding, party or other type of event and you still do not know how to dress your little ones, we will tell you what are the current trends in adolescent and youth fashion for ceremony in Ciudad Real that you will find on Nico.

For black tie events, opt for a suit consisting of a matching jacket and vest. Pair them with a long-sleeved shirt with a shirt collar and dress pants. Ideal for a wedding!

Do not forget the accessories: you can not miss a braided belt, or socks coordinated with the color of the pants, or lace-up shoes. To top it off, add suspenders and a bow tie or tie with fun touches.


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